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New Moon Circle

An online space to slow down & catch-up on yourself. Recharge your energies with powerful energy healing & reflect on your last months experiences.


Why is reflecting important?

Reflecting used tis a forgotten art. It used to play a big role in ancient traditions. Knowledge and essences were shared between group members to improve connection, and shared vision. Reflecting on our experiences offers perspective, overview and direction. We learn to clearly see patterns and obstacles, while also allowing the chance to integrate the lessons learned. This awareness connects us to the life we want to manifest and shifts our awareness to see the things we have already accomplished. It enhances (self)compassion, gratitude & a positivity. 


Documenting our lives connects us to what's important, reminding us of how incredibly complex and beautiful life is.

What you might experience

Relaxation and grounding

We start every circle with cleansing healing energies to cleanse our energetic field and to fully ground us in the present moment. 

A sense of being 'up to date' with yourself

We look back at everything we did from the previous new moon until this one. Reflecting and documenting our experiences and answering questions like: What am I ready to leave behind? 

A clear mind for a fresh new start

By reflecting on the previous cycle, we keep what we wish to take to the next cycle and clear what we don't. Experiencing a fresh 'new start'.


Why on the New Moon?

The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. It symbolizes a fresh new start. It’s the perfect moment to reflect, set goals and intentions for the next lunar cycle. The energy of the new moon will nurture our support our intentions and help the seeds we planted to grow into beautiful flowers. If we do this every month, at the end of the year we have a bouquet of flowers to harvest!


Friday 5th of July

19:00 - 20:30 CET (GERMAN TIME)


  • Friday 5 July

  • Sunday 4 August

  • Monday 2 September

  • Wednesday  2 October

  • Friday 1 November

  • Saturday 30 November


What happens at a New Moon Circle?

  • meet from the comfort of your home

  • receive a cleansing healing energy treatment 

  • silent time to tune inward for reflection 

  • exchange insights with like-minded people  

  • set intentions and directions for the next month


For upcoming events, insights and meditations

Answers to your questions

I understand there are sooo many questions you might have and I would love to clear them all. The best thing would be to schedule a 20min. call and get familiar with each other. Then we know right away if this type of mentoring really is what you're searching for. 

How do I join?

To join a new moon circle, just send me an email here at contact@lisandra-amor.comand I will send you the ZOOM link to the next event. 

Are online versions available?

Yes! Energy is the absolute universal language. It does not need space to travel. It doesn't matter where you are, we can meet online with the same effect of an in-person session.

How long does a 1:1 session last?

It lasts as long as it's necessary. We reserve around 2 hours to have more space to dive into your topic, as well as prepare the healing schedule that suits you best. It is important to not plan events after these 1:1 sessions.



Check out the upcoming events 

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