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As a psychic medium, I receive information that is meant to find you. We focus on what you need in order to feel in alignment - mind, body and spirit. These three pillars are what make this work unique and stand out from others in this field. 

The Three Pillars

1. Private Mentoring

We meet monthly for a 1:1 session, this can be either online or in-person. These sessions are around 2 hours long, so we have enough time to dive deep. if necessary. This is where the topics and blockages become clear. We start to then schedule regular healing sessions to support your healing. 

2. Energy Healing

After the 1:1 session, you continue to be widely supported by powerful cosmic energies. These energies help you integrate the information that you received as well as heal any parts that need some more support, warmth and time. 

3. Ongoing Support

Throughout this process, it is important that we remain in close contact. I like to be updated on your transformation journey for two reasons in particular: 1. to (re)-adjust the healing energies if necessary and 2. to prepare for the next 1:1 session. 


A private journey into healing and transforming any area in your life that feels stuck & blocked into flow, empowerment and alignment.


Combining Both Worlds 

I use my ability to read energy to find the root of what's troubling you. I then send you transformational energies to help you heal, and integrate these blockages into inner-peace & light.




Every person is unique and has an unique path with unique obstacles. Healing & transcending our obstacles is a highly personal journey. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' package when it comes to your life & transformation process. In this program, I read your energy to find any misalignment and transform it with powerful healing energies.

This is what clients say 

The Lasting Benefits

Clear Blockages and Doubts 

This experience will give you clarity on why you are feeling stuck and at the same time offer healing to make sure that the change you will experience is there to stay. 

Re-Alignment to Yourself

With the doubts and blockages out of the way, you experience a new type of clarity within that connects you to your higher self and the qualities you naturally bring with you in your soul.  

Personal Tools & Meditations

This journey is highly personal, meaning that it's designed to suit YOU.. The meditations, affirmations & tools you will receive are attuned to your current needs and are yours to keep. 

Embodied Safety & Connection

The spotlight is on feeling safe within yourself and in your day to day life so your body, mind and spirit can relax. Allowing so for a deeper connection to yourself & your environment. 


Free Connection Call 

Are you interested, but not sure yet? Just send me an email and we schedule a connection call to see if this type of mentoring aligns with what you are searching for and to clear any questions you might have.

Answers to your questions

I understand there are sooo many questions you might have and I would love to clear them all. The best thing would be to schedule a 20min. call and get familiar with each other. Then we know right away if this type of mentoring really is what you're searching for. 

How do I book?

To book a mentoring journey, just send me an email here at and we schedule a connection call. This is of course also a great opportunity to get to know each other and to clear any questions you might have.


Are online versions available?

Yes! Energy is the absolute universal language. It does not need space to travel. It doesn't matter where you are, we can meet online with the same effect of an in-person session.

How long does a 1:1 session last?

It lasts as long as it's necessary. We reserve around 2 hours to have more space to dive into your topic, as well as prepare the healing schedule that suits you best. It is important to not plan events after these 1:1 sessions.



In person sessions at the moment in:

Auenweide, St. Andrä-Wördern

The room is located on the country side about 20 minutes by car from Vienna. The space is entirely made of organic material which gives off a calming and grounding feeling. The minimal decoration promotes an atmosphere of slowness and focus. Candles, dried flowers, and incense assist in relaxing our minds and prepare for the journey within.


My name is Lisandra

On my own journey I have encountered many obstacles and moments where I was in need of the answers no one seemed to have. At the moment, I look back and feel an absolute honor to be able to access these answers for others and transform their lives the way I needed it. 

The Mentoring Program is made for you to receive the answers you need and offer healing while you're integrating and processing your topics. The ability to feel into your energetic field, translate your emotions and sensations into the words you can't find yourself is really what makes my work stand out. Some topics need more time than others, based on how deep they have settled in your system. We transform what needs to changed & heal what needs to be healed. The goal is to feel free, connected & safe within yourself. 

"..Without Lisandra and her spiritual guidance, I wouldn't be on the path I am today. Her channelings are mind-blowing and always timely, and her healing sessions are profoundly energizing. Every experience with her has been nothing short of magical.."

Stephanie Daubek

"I am so grateful for Lisandra coming into my life! Together we make a healing journey in my personal development. During our monthly sessions, she creates such a pleasant and safe space, which then effortlessly takes me along in the energy. Every time I am amazed at the insights and steps it brings me. (...)"

Ghislaine van Hall

"Lisandra helped me to get rid of emotional baggage and therefore to boost my personal growth unbelievably. Within a short period of a few months only, I was able to process several, huge topics which affected my life tremendously. I’m so grateful for this wonderful and life-changing experience."

Agata Staniak


September 2024  

Online & In-person sessions


A Reading is what you need

A reading offers the answers you need without the commitment to a program.


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