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Events and Workshops

The Upcoming Locations

June to August                              

Vienna, Austria


The Netherlands

October to December                 

Vienna, Austria


Events And Workshops

To sign up for online and in-person events & workshops, just let me know which event you would like to join in the list below by selecting it or by sending me an email here.

Online Events

These are the upcoming Online Events

New Moon Circle

An online community gathering

We gather every new moon to look back at the previous lunar cycle. What did you experience this month? What do you want to remember? We take time to meditate, cleanse our energetic field and reflect on our monthly experiences together. 

Fri. 5 July

In Person Events

These are the upcoming In-Person Events


For upcoming events, insights and meditations

Healing in Unity

St. Andrä-Wördern, Austria

A group healing experience with the intention to connect with the healing power of community and transform present burdens back into light and ease. The healing energies offer on the spot healing while creating lasting momentum for change.

Sun. 29 June

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