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Healing in Unity



An unique blend of ritual,
meditation and energy healing

In an intimate group of max. 8 people, we put the intention to release an emotional burden that is preventing us from living a light and joyful life. The crystals of Vibration Therapy offer us on the spot healing while creating momentum for change.


Healing in Unity is an open heart space where individuals dare to surrender to a new way of healing. In the beautiful dance between individual healing and the collective healing, we find support, reassurance and strength, allowing us to see clearly what is in the way of following our Divine Path. We set the intention to overcome our obstacles and open ourselves for healing and change. 


In ritual, we see clearly, dare to trust and let go.

This is supported by the powerful crystals of Vibration Therapy. 

These crystals contain cosmic energy assisting us in the release of a burden. It also helps us heal, gain momentum and open up our energetic system for change. Vibration Therapy is a new holistic healing method that transforms our energetic field back into its natural vibration.


What is Healing in Unity?

  • Gentle arrival

  • Energetic Cleanse

  • Partner exercise

  • Ritual with Vibration Therapy

  • Integration & Meditation

  • Optional sharing circle

    During the ritual we take an active position, being a conscious participator in our healing process. After prox. 45 minutes, it's time for integration & meditation.


In a nutshell


  • This event has a wide range, promoting healing for many. 

    Exchange: 25€ - 65€

  • It might occur that this event has a big impact on the system. The cosmic energies are powerful and can cleanse deeply. This means that the body might feel tired and in need of rest after the session and the day after the session. 

    I invite you to read about Vibration Therapy and feel if this form of healing feels right for you. If you suffer from any form of mental illness, are pregnant or breastfeeding, please inform me beforehand as you might need special treatment.

    There will be organic tea, vegan snacks and bites. If you have an allergy or food intolerance, please bring something yummy for yourself too. 

  • The energy healing of the crystals of Vibration Therapy assists us in dissolving disharmony from our system and allows emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. These energies can be used for people, plants, animals, landscapes and situations. It heals according the necessities of each individual. Click here to read more about Vibration Therapy. 

This event is guided in Bussum, the Netherlands
by Lisandra Amor and Ghislaine van Hall

Online over ZOOM


Exchange: 25€ p.p.

Sunday 24 March

13:00 - 16:00

12:30 - 16:00 

(Central European Time)

Sunday 24 March 

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