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A search for meaningful connection

Nowadays, everyone seems to be busy living their lives, in their own worlds. People seem more cold, disconnected & uninterested. Deep down, we all have the need to belong and to be part of something larger than ourselves. We long to feel pure connection and warmth from other human beings. We crave honest interactions as it is the fuel that gives us the confidence to live a happy and fulfilled life.





The Goal is Transformation

Healing in Unity is an event with transformation at heart. It's a combination of the love & presence of a group with powerful healing energies and rituals. It's the remembrance that together we stand strong and carry the ability to bring on change. Healing in Unity is for everyone who has a topic that is in need of healing, assitance or courage to be let go of. Together we have the strength. 


All cards open

In a group of max. 10 participants, we embark on a journey of self-development & (inner) connection. Through group and individual exercises and rituals, we take time to feel into ourselves and become aware of what is stagnant in our lives. With the help of energy healing we release these topics from our system and swim in a relaxing bath and let these topics be washed away with ease and tranquility. 


In a Nutshell

  • Gentle arrival

  • Opening of the space w/ grounding meditation

  • Theme introduction

  • Ritual with Vibration Therapy

  • Integration & meditation

  • Optional sharing circle

After a gentle arrival we start the event with a cleanse of the energetic system. The theme introduction is the introduction of the quality of the energy we are working with. After connecting exercises, we lay in powerful healing energies. There will be time for meditation & integration in the end.

Vibration Therapy

This event uses powerful cosmic energies to cleanse the system, heal heaviness stored in the body and offers momentum for change. The energies of Vibration Therapy assist us in is dissolving disharmony from our system and allows emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. It's an holistic tool that works with obelisk formed crystals that contain powerful cosmic energies. Words can't express the wide range of opportunities these energies offer. 

The topics we look at

Manifestion & New Beginnings

During this event a strong energetic field is put up to help you manifest everything you desire - as long as it's coming from the heart.

Basics of Energetic Protection & Safety

Safety is essential to us. When we feel safe, our minds and bodies can finally start to relax. Only then, we can truly open up to others and life. 

Inner Child & Emotional Healing

Most of our inner turbulences have their roots in childhood. This event focuses on healing the parts in ourselves that need love & attention. 

Good to know

The methods and energies used in this event are powerful. It is likely that your system, mind & body & spirit, needs more time to integrate the experience and the energies. Rest. Hydrate. Nurture. 


Not everyone can lay in these cosmic energies. If you are pregnant or suffer from mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia, depression) your system needs a dampened versions of the energies first to be able to digest the experience. 


Healing in Unity

An intimate setting with max. 8 people, with the intention to cleanse our energetic bodies from fear & overwhelm. An event that connects us to the feeling of deep safety within ourselves and in connection to others. The crystals of Vibration Therapy offer on the spot healing while creating lasting momentum for change.

Basics of Energetic Protection 

Sat. 29 June

St. Andrä-Wördern, Austria


Energy Healing and the Spoken Word

Everything is made of energy. And so are our words, actions and thoughts. Energy can be spread aimlessly, or can be re-directed. Being aware of our energetic field is like realizing we have this immense power and ability to control. Now, with this realization, we can place a clear intention or commanding the energy, so it knows what to do. It's the act of placing information inside the energy that drives us forward. This is always happening, mostly subconscious. Our intentions and values drive us forward and create the life we are currently living. 

In this event, we take a step back to understand this principle and heal parts within ourselves that are not in alignment with who we are and what we want to do. Cleansing our minds & energetic fields to manifest things from our hearts & souls, instead of following mind-made pictures of who we think we should be or live like.

Answers to your questions

Maybe you have more questions? Feel free to ask them on my social media platforms. There is so much I could tell about Healing in Unity, but the real deal is: You have to experience it for yourself. Describing this event is like describing the taste of your favorite food to someone.. doesn't really work..

You just have to taste it for yourself!

How do I join?

To join a healing in unity session, just send me an email here at contact@lisandra-amor.comand I will add you to the list and send you the details of the event.

Why is there a limited capacity

Healing in Unity uses powerful cosmic energies to restore balance to ones  system. These energies flow through my system and have the capacity to support 8-10 people at the same time. 

I don't believe in energy, does this work for me?

Absolutely! We engage in exercises that establish a deeper connection for yourself and between people. .Even when you don't believe in the power of rituals or energy work, it might be a valuable experience to gift to yourself. It might change your mind.


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