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Ecstatic Cacao

Is there a wish to open up your heart and connect to the childlike joy?
 Cacao is exactly what you are looking for.

Cacao is one of Pachamama’s best medicines and has been used for centuries in Mesoamerican cultures. It is known for its different healing properties for the body and for the soul. Next to the extraordinary physiological benefits that we now know cacao has, we feel the many beautiful effects on an energetic and soul level as well. Ceremonially  drinking cacao together, is a gentle and yet powerful ritual of opening and connecting to our own hearts, to each other and to nature again. It cleanses our body, mind and spirit while showing us the path to love and unity.

On this event we:

  • Ceremonially drink Cacao

  • Ritual of appreciation to Mother Earth

  • Connecting to others through conscious exercises

  • Ecstatic Dancing 

  • Receive a Sound healing bath

You are welcome to bring a symbol of love and gratitude as an offer to Mother Earth.

Comfortable and loose clothes are recommended.



Sunday 21 March
Gentle arrival starts at 14:30
From 15:00  until 20:00

Kuppelraum, AUENWEIDE
Etzelstrasse 5

3423 St. Andrä-Wördern

Price: €35 per person

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