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One on One



This highly personalized healing program is attuned to your individual needs & desires. Depending on your souls journey, an accurate plan is designed to heal any misalignment present in your system (emotional, mental or spiritual) and bring you back into alignment with who you were meant to be. Watch your life transform into inner light & spiritual freedom.



There are two type of readings:

Life Reading - For insights into your personal life moving forward, including what is currently blocking the flow in life and how to transform it. 

Spirit Reading - For connection to your loved ones on the other side, providing evidence & confirmation that they are still around. 

Sat. 16 March | Auenweide

Healing in Unity

Introducing a new way of healing with the Vibration Therapy crystals


Healing in Unity 



Sun. 21 April | Auenweide

Ecstatic Cacao

In honor of Earth Day we gather to celebrate the joy of being alive

Zon. 24 Maart | Piith, Bussum

Yin Yoga and Healing in Unity


De reis begint met een energetische opschoning, die je in een staat van rust en helderheid brengt. Vervolgens keer je door diverse Yin Yoga oudingen naar binnen om te voelen wat op dat moment losgelaten mag worden. Tot slot baden we gezalemijk n krachtvolle energieën en laten wij beust een last los. 


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